Video Roll | Building Fenway Park.

What a job it would be… if your daily job is to build and design a major league baseball park out of Legos. Well, if you work for Lego Land’s Discovery Centre in Boston, you can. Here is a time-lapse video of the entire process which shows how the builder created the 12 square foot replica of Boston Red Sox’s infamous Fenway Park. This masterpiece has 28,000 bricks and weighing 68 pounds, which took 450 hours to build. That is roughly 11 weeks (considering 40 hour work week) to design and build the model. It will be displayed at Lego Land Discovery Centre Boston which opens on May 23rd.

Video Roll | Datsun 510 reincarnated – Nissan IDx

Reincarnation of the Datsun 510 from the Bluebird series that began rolling of production in 1968. This is only a concept car that Nissan debut during last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, but it is stunning. This concept car looks absolutely jaw dropping, I have always been a fan of the 510 especially the Hakosuka (Nissan Skyline from 70s) which is a much later version of the 510. This concept car is dubbed the ‘Nissan IDx‘ and just like its predecessor a front engined with rear wheel drive. To combat Toyota and Subaru’s joint venture that created the FRS and BRZ, Nissan plans to put this car into production to capture car enthusiast that enjoy rear drive car without breaking the piggy bank. As the trend these past few years for the car industry seems to have been recreating old classic cars with new technology. Here’s to me hoping this new IDx which looks great will be rolling of the production line sooner then later.

Even enthusiast are already dreaming up of custom modifications in renders, as seen below by Hugo Silva. Absolutely Stunning. The best of all, Jay Leno, was luck enough to drive the concept itself. Check it out below.

Photos via Japanese Nostalgic Car