Fantasy BS | Week 1 Rankings – Welcome to KFSL.


Week 1 is complete, hopefully I will be able to stay on top of this all year long. As long as the NHL & the NBA don’t schedule too many games on Mondays… Welcome to the 4th year of this league once formally called “No Hockey Lockout”, it is quite possible “Kontinental Flying Spaghetti” League will stick for quite some time. Maybe I will make a trophy out of dried spaghetti in a basket?

Week 1 Rankings and Ratings! This will be the only week where fantasy match-ups will be longer then the typical schedule week. I lied, aside from All-Star Week and Week 1, all weekly match-ups will be 7 days long. This is the first time I have split the league into two divisions as we grew to a 14 team league. I wish there was the ability to view ‘Overall’ Standings with the two division combined, but maybe thats something Yahoo is working on. The affect of divisions are playoff implications. The division winners at the end of 22 weeks will automatically make the playoffs, and the 6 remaining spots will be according to the Overall Standings.

Once again, I will be using‘s analyzer to generate team ratings on their full roster. You can check out the ratings here > Obviously, the team ratings will change depending on the moves that are made, as well as individual player ratings that most likely will oscillate through out the year.

Week 1 Ratings and Rankings.
League Standing Changes Standing Rating Team Rating
Dream Killa == 1st 145.19 Dream Killa 1st
EVIL EMPIRE == 2nd 117.16 EVIL EMPIRE 10th
Tort's ULTRA Rage == 3rd 138.3 Tort's ULTRA Rage 3rd
Cannons == 4th 101.2 Cannons 13th
Rented Mules == 5th 121.1 Rented Mules 8th
Vancouver Grizzlies == 6th 128.42 Vancouver Grizzlies 5th
ScratcH == 7th 140.84 ScratcH 2nd
Mash == 8th 116.57 Mash 11th
4th liners == 9th 121.48 4th liners 7th
i@N's JagrBombs == 10th 117.52 i@N's JagrBombs 9th
BEAST == 11th 133.96 BEAST 4th
Never Go Full Retard == 12th 100.68 Never Go Full Retard 14th
Nutfoot == 13th 105.34 Nutfoot 12th
12th Place == 14th 123.2 12th Place 6th

Sitting nice and pretty at the top is ‘Dream Killa’ with a rating of 145 and he demonstrated that rating is no fluke by demolishing ’12th Place’ with a 11-1-1 record to start the year. The overall matchup isn’t as lop sided as the final score, but a few glaring categories that ’12th Place’ needs help in is definitely the number of Goals and Face Off Wins. With that said, ’12th Place’ has already made a few moves this week to fill those needs that he lacked in Week 1.

There are two teams that out played their ratings in Week 1. EVIL EMPIRE rated 10th overall, ranked 2nd, and Cannons rated 13th overall, ranked 4th at the end of Week 1. The EMPIRE opened the season with a matchup against BEAST, the score was pretty much tied until the very last day. What made the difference? 4 hits, and 2 goals to make it 7-3-3, otherwise it would have been 5-5-3. On the other hand, Cannons managed an 8-4-1 victory barely squeaking by with 4 categories wins (Assists, +/-, PPP, Hits).

When two teams outplayed their ratings, there are two teams that had a terrible Week 1. BEAST, the counterpart to EVIL EMPIRE unexpected success, rated 4th overall with 133.96 sitting at 11th. 12th Place a dismal 1-11-1 was rated 6th overall with 123.2 and is now sitting at 14th at the end of Week 1.

Three out of the seven matches this week were decided by 1 category:
Rented Mules (7) vs. Mash (6)
Vancouver Grizzlies (6) vs. 4th liners (5)
ScratcH (6) vs. i@N’s JagrBombs (5)

The typical Week 1 matchup doesn’t quite usually translate in the next 21 weeks. With a 10 day Week it skews the total points for all categories especially during opening week. Let’s see how the matches stack up to fantasysp’s ratings in next week.

Weekly Leaders.
Category Points Team
Assists 44 Vancouver Grizzlies
+/- 26 ScratcH
PIMS 91 Cannons
PPP 27 Tort's ULTRA Rage
SOG 223 4th liners
FW 304 Dream Killa
HITs 122 Mash
BLKs 87 Mash
Wins 6 Never Go Full Retard | Mash
GAA 1.65 ScratcH
Save % 0.937 ScratcH
Shutout 2 Never Go Full Retard

Good Luck in Week 2!

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