Orange Peanuts | Week 2 Ratings – DRose is back.

Derrick Rose is back on a mission. The next closest player I consider that plays similarly to D.Rose would be Russell Westbrook, but he is currently out with a hand injury. Maybe Damian Lillard can pick up the mantle as he plays in a similar style, high flying point guards.

Week 2 Summary.
Team Score Difference Changes Standing Team Rating Difference
Nutfoot 101 11 == 1 Nutfoot 272.04 -6.81
Noël 78 2.5 == 2 Vancity67 269.96 -1.41
Balls Of Steel 75.5 1 == 3 the homies. 267.93 17.13
Bibbys Buddies 74.5 5 +2 4 TEAM CHINA 264.26 -8.48
Vancity67 73 10 +3 5 Damon's Optimal Team 262.52 -8.68
the homies. 68.5 -1 == 6 Balls Of Steel 261.54 10.38
Dirty Vibration 63 -7 -2 7 Ball Don't Lie 259.09 16.07
Damon's Optimal Team 62 -11.5 -4 8 Bibbys Buddies 259.03 9.97
Ian's Ingeneous Team 52.5 9.5 +3 9 Air Ballers 252.04 16.51
TEAM CHINA 45 -12.5 -1 10 Noël 245.66 -19.49
Air Ballers 45 -3 == 11 Ian's Ingeneous Team 223.55 12.25
Ball Don't Lie 42 -9 -2 12 Dirty Vibration 222.94 31.75

Nutfoot continues it’s dominance in all categories into week 2 breaking the century mark sitting pretty at the top with 101 points. With Anthony Davis doing majority of the damage in all categories, also leading in ratings, not surprisingly with 272. The next closest team is Noël with plenty of offensive rebonds and block parties led by Tim Duncan and DeAndre Jordan as Nerlen Noel getting hurt earlier in the week.

In week 2, TEAM CHINA and Damon’s Optimal Team dropped a combine of 24 points, Damon’s Optimal team is putting up the numbers late in the week as Lebron and the Cavaliers are slowly getting the hang out each other. While TEAM CHINA is opting to play only the best players hoping to get the most out of each individual start.

Weekly Leaders.
Category Points Team
3PTM 71 Nutfoot
Points 801 Nutfoot
OREB 84 Noel
REB 329 Nutfoot
AST 173 Nutfoot
ST 58 Vancity67
BLK 40 Noel
TO 52 Ian's Ingeneous

Good luck in week 3!

Fantasy BS | Week 4 Rankings! – Cali Road Trip

Week 4 Rankings and Ratings! The top and bottom of the league standings had no changes, all league movements happened between the 5th and the 11th spot. Tort’ULTRA Rage and EVIL EMPIRE still leading in their respective conferences. ULTRA Rage is leading by a wide margin of +14, while EVIL EMPIRE is merely holding on to the lead by having less losses than Scratch. The marquee matchup in week 5 will be between EVIL EMPIRE and ScratcH to determine who will take the division lead.

Week 4 Ratings and Rankings.
League Points Ranking Changes FantasySP Ratings Difference
Tort's ULTRA Rage 75 1 == Dream Killa 151.35 1.81
* EVIL EMPIRE 58 2 == Rented Mules 142.62 -0.92
Dream Killa 61 3 == Vancouver Grizzlies 141.31 1.33
4th liners 59 4 == EVIL EMPIRE 138.69 14.72
Cannons 58 5 +3 Tort's ULTRA Rage 137.93 -5.61
ScratcH 58 6 -1 ScratcH 136.21 3.02
Vancouver Grizzlies 54 7 +4 12th Place 134.71 -2.93
BEAST 53 8 +2 4th liners 133.65 -0.62
i@N's JagrBombs 50 9 -2 BEAST 133.38 10.82
Rented Mules 49 10 -4 Mash 129 2.99
Never Go Full Retard 46 11 -1 i@N's JagrBombs 125.8 8.13
Mash 44 12 == Never Go Full Retard 120.29 -4.43
Nutfoot 38 13 == Cannons 109.04 -2.3
12th Place 25 14 == Nutfoot 108.38 1.02
*Leader in Northern Stuffed Bisons

In Week 4, Vancouver Grizzlies had a bounce back week with a must win matchup against the last placed “12th Place”, the Grizzlies went 8-3-2 jumping up 4 spots in the standings to 7th. The Grizzlies squad dominated in Goals, PPP, Hits, GAA, and SV% with the help of Ben Bishop and O. Pavelec that combined for a 1.50 GAA and .945 SV%. As the 12th Place sqaud is still seeking for their first elusive Win in a weekly matchup going 0-4 so far. As the trio of goalies Schneider, Lehner, and Hiller combined to put up a 3.39 GAA and .887 SV%, it makes winning a matchup quite difficult.

Over at the Northern Conference, Scratch kept up the pace it needed to stay tied with EVIL EMPIRE in points, 58, with the same winning percentage of .558. Only 2 losses make the difference between the two clubs as ScratcH went 7-3-3 while EVIL EMPIRE was 8-4-1 in week 4.

Two teams both in the Northern Conference had double digit gains in ratings, EVIL EMPIRE and BEAST.
EVIL EMPIRE’s Winger’s and Defensemen’s had a boost in ratings giving +14.72 in week 4. Mostly, thanks to JVR and Eberle recent’s surge. Justin Faulk and Shea Weber both a solid games this past week, as it is expected from Weber, Faulk’s surge along with Carolina’s 4-game win streak has propelled Faulk’s rating.

BEAST’s core players had a solid week 4 pushing for a +10.82 in rating. As Nick Foligno and Ryan Johansen are the cornerstones of Blue Jacket’s franchise, they combined for 7 points, 20 shots of goal, 2 minor penalties, 5 power play points, 41 face off wins, 15 hits, and 4 blocked shots. If your highest point getter is a defensemen, then you are in good shape. Maple Leaf’s Cody Franson scored a team high of 5 points in week 4 beating out his fellow wingers Ovechkin (3 pts), Seguin (4 pts), and E. Staal (3 pts).

Weekly Leaders.
Category Points Team
Goals 19 Vancouver Grizzlies
Assists 30 Rented Mules
+/- 17 Rented Mules
PIMS 54 Mash
PPP 17 Vancouver Grizzlies
SOG 149 Cannons
FW 206 Cannons
HITs 86 4th liners
Wins 4 i@N's Jagrbombs
GAA 1.50 Vancouver Grizzlies | i@N's Jagrbombs
Save % 0.953 i@N's Jagrbombs
Shutout 1 Nutfoot

Orange Peanuts | Week 1 Ratings – New HairDo’s.

Larry Sanders nearly scores on own basket. Jason Kidd nearly rips out all his hair, wait he has no hair, he is already bald. Sanders laughs as the Bucks had down court, as he knows he will probably be in Shaq-tin a Fool this week. A few new hairdos from a few rookies for the upcoming 2014 season. Elfrid Payton and Nerlens Noel looking to use their charming hairdo’s to make an immediate impact on the court against the pros.

Similarly to the fantasy hockey pool I run, I will try to do weekly ratings and league leaders to give a short insight and my opinion on the past week’s events. Given that I have never done this for a roto league before it will be quite interesting. With that said, the ratings below are generated by, feel free to check them out, as they change dynamically daily as each team add or drop players. Clearly fantasysp’s rating does not reflect whether your team will perform statistically in the rotisserie format. It is always interesting to see how a team can out perform it’s predicted analysis, and there are always a few teams that don’t live up to it’s expectations.

Week 1 Summary.
Team Points Standing Team Rating
Nutfoot 90 1 Nutfoot 278.85
Noël 75.5 2 TEAM CHINA 272.74
Balls Of Steel 74.5 3 Vancity67 271.37
Damon's Optimal Team 73.5 4 Damon's Optimal Team 271.2
Dirty Vibration 70 5 Noël 265.15
Bibbys Buddies 69.5 6 Balls Of Steel 251.16
the homies. 64.5 7 the homies. 250.8
Vancity67 63 8 Bibbys Buddies 249.06
TEAM CHINA 57.5 9 Ball Don't Lie 243.02
Ball Don't Lie 51 10 Air Ballers 235.53
Air Ballers 48 11 Ian's Ingeneous Team 211.3
Ian's Ingeneous Team 43 12 Dirty Vibration 191.19

One of the biggest difference for roto leagues is that the team manager can control the total number of games each position can be played on a given night. Weekly Rankings would be inaccurate in the sense that after week 1, Dirty Vibration had already played 47 games, while the last placed team Ian’s Ingeneous has only played a total of 24 games. With a 23 game difference, almost double, obviously he would be last in the league. Not sure how this will work out. We will see.

Weekly Leaders.
Category Points Team
3PTM 51 Dirty Vibrations
Points 576 Nutfoot
OREB 71 Noel
REB 259 Noel
ST 50 Balls of Steal
BLK 38 Nutfoot
TO 32 Ian's Ingeneous

Fantasy BS | Week 3 Rankings – Juice Hurt.

Bieksa got hurt last game taking a puck to the eye, a fair share of Canuck players have gotten hurt from this particular types of injury, here is to hope Juice will have a speedy recovery. Which brings me to this week’s video a random video of Kevin Bieksa fighting now teammate Derek Dorsett. I found that rather amusing that once become teammates, do they bring up the fact that they have fought before?

Week 3 Rankings and Ratings! The Bison conference is as tight as ever with only 11 points separating the (2) EVIL EMPIRE and (13) Nutfoot. One could say it is an evenly matched conference or all equally weak. The Fried Chicken conference bottom dweller 12th Place recorded only 7 wins in the first 3 weeks. While conference leader and league leader Tort’ ULTRA Rage is crushing opponents with a record of 27-9-3.

Week 3 Ratings and Rankings.
League Points Ranking Changes FantasySP Ratings Difference
Tort's ULTRA Rage 57 1 +2 Dream Killa 149.54 5.82
* EVIL EMPIRE 41 2 == Tort's ULTRA Rage 143.54 8.98
Dream Killa 54 3 -2 Vancouver Grizzlies 139.98 1.67
4th liners 41 4 +8 12th Place 137.64 5.54
ScratcH 41 5 == 4th liners 134.27 11.24
Rented Mules 40 6 == ScratcH 133.19 -7.2
i@N's JagrBombs 40 7 +2 Rented Mules 131.03 11.92
Cannons 39 8 -4 Mash 126.01 9.43
Never Go Full Retard 37 9 -2 Never Go Full Retard 124.72 5.25
BEAST 37 10 +1 EVIL EMPIRE 123.97 9.15
Vancouver Grizzlies 36 11 +2 BEAST 122.56 -10.49
Mash 36 12 -4 i@N's JagrBombs 117.67 -3.5
Nutfoot 30 13 -3 Cannons 111.34 1.9
12th Place 17 14 == Nutfoot 107.36 8.46
*Leader in Northern Stuffed Bisons

In Week 3, 4th liners took advantage of the ailing 12th Place and stomped away the few bad weeks to jump up 8 spots in the standings to 4th overall with 41 points. The beat down marginal, 4 categories (SOG,Hit,W,SHO) were all won by one point. Considering if 12th Place managed to tie all 4 categories it would have been a 6-3-4 victory, and if 12th Place won all 4 categories it would have been have a losing week for 4th liners at 6-7.

While Tort’s ULTRA Rage’s dominance seems to have carried over from last season. With a 8-2-3 victory over Cannon’s injury riddled team. Starting with Alex Burrows suspended 3 games for the head shot on Alexi Emelin, R. McDonagh separated shoulder (3-4 weeks), Derek Stephan (fractured fibula), and Andrew MacDonald (4 weeks) lower body injury. Cannon’s Week 3 lost cost 4 spots in the standings dropping the team from 4th to 8th.

Two teams this week had double digit gains, 4th liners and Rented Mules. While, BEAST had a double digit drop in rating this week. Surprisingly, none of those teams lost in Week 3, Rented Mules tied with 6-6-1 record, while both 4th liners and BEAST had lopsided wins. BEAST’s double digit drop in rating could be caused by the recent Alex Ovechkin scoring slump which ended on Sunday, Eric Staal return from injury making him no quite relevant as of yet, and Cody Franson is on pace for getting points every 6 games.

Weekly Leaders.
Category Points Team
Assists 30 Rented Mules
+/- 12 Dream Killa
PIMS 38 EVIL EMPIRE | Dream Killa
PPP 17 Rented Mules
SOG 152 Rented Mules
FW 206 Cannons
BLKs 66 Vancouver Grizzlies
Wins 3 Too many to list
GAA 1.20 Dream Killa
Save % 0.967 Dream KIlla
Shutout 2 Tort's ULTRA Rage